About Newton Poppleford and the group . . .

Newton Poppleford

Newton Poppleford is a village in East Devon, straddling the main road (A3052) that runs east from Exeter towards Sidmouth and Lyme Regis, and about 4 miles inland from the coast.  The nearby settlements of Harpford, Burrow, Southerton, Venn Ottery, and Northmostown are all (for the Group’s purposes) included in our remit.

The River Otter is at the eastern side of Newton Poppleford, running south towards its mouth at Budleigh Salterton.  The river itself has been a factor in the development of the village, powering a silk mill that provided work for local people in the 18th century.

The Local History Group

Our Local History Group was formed in 2014 with the objectives of collecting, saving, documenting and recording information about the local area.  This came about partly because the commemoration of the outbreak of WW1 increased interest in the past, and a growing concern that while there are still some people around who have some memories of part of the war and the times following; these won’t be around for ever.

Quantities of old documents and memorabilia had been deposited in the village hall, some in the attic (possibly under attack by squirrels) and only looked at occasionally by anyone who might be interested.

Books have been written about this area of East Devon, but there are gaps to be filled in so this task is to be addressed in the coming months and years.

MEETINGS are held at 2.30pm in NP Village Hall, usually on the first Monday of each month.  You will be welcome to join us.

There will not be a normal October meeting. Instead we will be visiting Tuckers Hall in Exeter. Cost £5 per person.

Next meeting:   Meetings suspended due to Covid-19.



Please take a look at the ‘Can You Help Us?’ page.

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8 Responses to About Newton Poppleford and the group . . .

  1. karen lyons says:

    Dear shan , can you on 07549990930.


  2. Alan Kerr says:

    Peace FOR our time. Chamberlain


  3. Janet Babb says:

    My Great Uncle Bernard Verriour will be celebrated on Sunday. I have photos and a
    painting plus pictures of the school where my Great Grandfather, Arthur Verriour, was Headmaster. My Grandmother, Elsie, was an assistant teacher at Musbury. The War diaries show that Bernard was killed at Zouave Valley.


  4. Alan Pring says:

    FAO Shan Merritt Hi its Alan Pring refernce information on Dan Pring


  5. Jane Sullivan says:

    Can’t make the meetings as live away now but is there a Facebook page?


  6. Billy floyd says:

    Does anybody remember me at school Billy floyd lived at little Down nursery in 1950 happy days .
    Mr Bevin was the headmaster at the school. I was born & bred there my dad ran the nursery side and my gran & grandad did the rest . I remember bobby Reece Susan Hill ,Maureen knight ,Peter Davy there was so many thankyou.


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