Can you help us?

The business of the group is to gather and save old records, photos and memorabilia of the area.  We have collected quite a lot from people who live in Newton Poppleford and the nearby villages and towns, but people have moved away in past decades but might still have photos etc. that would be valuable for our project.

Did you or your parents/grandparents live here in past years?  If you did please take a look around in the attic, or bottom of the wardrobe for those shoeboxes of old photos and other bits that we might borrow and copy or scan for our archives.  Perhaps you would write down or record some of those memories when your relative talks about the old times   –   we’d love to see/hear these.




2018 is the centenary of the end of WW1.  We plan to hold an exhibition of wartime artifacts, photos, memorabilia etc. in June 2018, but this will relate to any wartime (not solely WW1).  Kitchener poster2Although the group has a number of items to use in this planned exhibition, we need additional material, so if you have any things you can lend for this please contact either Terry & Caroline Gregory on 01395 568848, or for items to be scanned contact Shân Merritt on 01404 812733.  Any member of the group will be pleased to hear from you and make appropriate arrangements.


We are trying to identify photos of people and places …  Can you identify (or confirm the identity of) any of the following:

Wilf Hart possibly

Is this Wilf Hart?  Or who is it?


We are also seeking to borrow and scan old photos of:

  • Oak Tree  Garage when it had the old Shell petrol pump visible
  • The shops of the village as far back as possible
  • The ‘Victoria Inn’  –  a pub that used to stand in Newton Pop where Central Garage is now
  • Eileen McKenna, who founded the Southern Cross Tearooms
  • Any other old photos of Newton Poppleford’s places and people!

Please contact Shân Merritt  via    if you can help us.  All photos will be handled carefully, scanned, and returned to their owners.




2 Responses to Can you help us?

  1. Kevin Whitton says:

    Hi David, i am a direct descendant of James Wheaton (c1808 – 1864). i am in the later stages of a family/social history focussing on the family in Devon and Tasmania. i have forwarded a resume to Terry Gregory and the Otter Valley Association has extracts also. James left a wife (Anne nee Clark) and children in the parish. Are you descended from this family? If so I’d like to make email contact;


  2. Elaine Marsh says:

    I have just found your website because I Googled Benchams. I happened to come across two paintings at the house that are about to be auctioned by Bearnes Hampton and Littlewood in Exeter. You may well be able to source photos of the paintings for your records from the auctioneer.


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