What we’re doing

The group meets once a month, usually on the first Monday, in Newton Poppleford Village Hall.

So far we have managed to sort out and organise the old documents and memorabilia that were languishing in old boxes and suitcases upstairs.  A couple of filing cabinets have helped  –  things can now be found a bit more easily than rooting through the old boxes!

Some coffee mornings have taken place, bringing in people who had moved away from the area years ago, and bringing with them more memories and photographs.

The Newton Poppleford History Group held a successful coffee morning at the village hall on Saturday. Ref shs 7888-09-15SH. Picture: Simon Horn

The Newton Poppleford History Group held a successful coffee morning at the village hall. Our thanks to the Sidmouth Herald for this photo.

The coffee mornings have also raised some funds to help us pay for hiring the hall, buying some basic equipment etc.  The parish council also provided some seed funding to help us get going.

Photos and old documents are being scanned and stored as computer files as a backup to the originals  –  many of which are quite fragile.  People are being interviewed informally and their memories recorded for posterity.

For 2016 a calendar using old local photographs has been produced and is being sold to raise some funds.  We plan  –  in due course  –  to produce a number of booklets about the area, each probably focussing on a particular aspect of the local history.



3 Responses to What we’re doing

  1. terry gregory says:

    well done you, would like some pictures for my own collection please, let you know when we see you.
    great meeting this month 15 people arrived caroline was not sure if she had ample milk.
    some more photos for your/our site. will get you some copies
    regards caroline and terry.


  2. Dave Welsman. says:

    Is the group still meeting up? Can someone please get in touch via my email. Thanks. Dave Welsman. (June 2016).


  3. pebbletown says:

    Yes – The group meets on first Monday each month, at 2.30pm in Newton Pop village hall. Last meeting was on 7th June 2016, next on 4th July.


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