Brooklands – Tea Room and Antiques

Brooklands Tea Room and Antiques shop was on the main road (High Street) of Newton Poppleford, on the north side, opposite and slightly west of the current pedestrian crossing.

Brooklands was a tea house also used for the display of antiques. From August 1927 it was run by George Gustavius Frederick William Sellick (known as Frederick), and linked to his main antiques business in Cathedral Yard Exeter. The property was leased from Mrs Minnie Fletcher (as reported in an article in The Western Times, 8th March 1929). It is thought that Mr Wortley owned or leased it before Frederick Sellick.

Brooklands burnt down in June 1931, thought to be caused from a spark from a traction engine lighting the thatched roof (this was reported in The Western Times on 26th June 1931).

Brooklands - Wortley - backBrooklands - Wortley - frontBrooklands Teas & Antiques - 2Brooklands with Erskine car - 1

Brooklands interior - 1Brooklands interior - 2

And then the fire in 1931 . . .

Brooklands after fire 1931 - 1Brooklands after fire 1931 - 2Brooklands during fire 1931 - 1Brooklands, Newton Poppleford during fire 1931aBrooklands, Newton Poppleford during fire 1931b