There are now only 2 businesses in the car trade in Newton Poppleford, but nowhere to buy petrol or diesel to fuel your vehicles.  In past times there were 3 garages all selling fuel or various types, and servicing vehicles and or selling them.

Oaktree Garage remains in business, servicing vehicles from its site tucked away to the north of Station Road.  It was named (presumably) because of the old gnarled oak tree that used to stand on the corner by the entrance.


Central Garage is still open, selling cars and servicing them.  Previously it was known as Slades Garage.


Bellows or Potters Garage was the third of the car servicing businesses in Newton Poppleford. Later it was rebuilt and became ‘Poppins’, a petrol filling station. In about 2000 the garage closed and the buildings were converted into housing.

It is rumoured that the old hydraulic lift is still there, buried under concrete …

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