Newton Poppleford photos

Many old photos have been collected and scanned  –  if you have others we would be very grateful to see them.  Below is just a selection of photos:

NP Station Road showing old  oak tree a

The Exeter Inn, William and Mary Welsman stood outside. Date c1895-1900

Exeter Inn with William and Mary Welsman outside (c1895-1900)



Ellen Welsman outside the Exeter Inn Jubilee 1897

Ellen Welsman outside the Exeter Inn, Queen Victoria’s jubilee 1897






Burrow ford

Burrow Ford


NP Cannon hotel1

High Street, with Cannon Hotel on left

NP floods 1970s


NP high st 1967 NP highst 1935

NP railway station

Newton Poppleford Station

NP St Lukes church

St Luke’s church



Turks Head pub; demolished to make space for the road


3 Responses to Newton Poppleford photos

  1. Jim Kirby says:

    Circa 1953, when I was about 6 yrs old, we had a family holiday in a camping coach at Newton Poppleford station. Are there any more photographs of the station that were tKen around that time? My wife will be staying in the area in May.


  2. Anne Speight says:

    I have many stories about Newton Poppleford found through my family history studies, plus a few photos. Very willing to share. Please could you email me direct

    Thank you


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